We know our food system needs to change

We hear the warnings about how large-scale farming has impacted our climate. We see how ultra-processed food has harmed public health over the years. We know the system we have today is unfair to farmers and consumers alike.

We all know something needs to change, but all too often we're overwhelmed by the complexity of the task. Consumers want to be a force for good. Farmers want to provide healthy, fresh food.

So what can be done?

Jars maker kitchen

We are creating a place where consumers and farmers join forces to make a healthier, more sustainable food system. Where unnecessary middlemen are removed. Where profits are shared in a fair manner. Where less damage is done to the planet.

This is Jars.

Want to know how you can help?

What exactly is Jars?

Jars is a maker kitchen that is located inside your community. This maker kitchen is equipped with specially designed workstations that let anyone easily make great food in minutes. These workstations provide a near zero waste environment with all the ingredients needed, already prepped and ready to be used at each workstation.

Jars making food

Every workstation at Jars allows you to make great food. Food that is fresh, healthy, and fits a busy, modern lifestyle. You'll reconnect with your food by making it, along with all of the necessary spices, herbs, and kitchen staples available to provide you full control over flavor.

Jars will provide all of this and still be more affordable than the supermarket.

Food is an experience

Over the last century, our food has become ultra-processed.

Simple items like peanut butter or strawberry jam contain preservatives or other additives. Sauces have been marketed to disguise how simple it is to make them. So much of what we eat is now packaged, preserved, and shipped all over the world that it's easy to become disconnected with how it was made.

Jars recipes

We lead busy lives with little time to slow down, but we've allowed the convenience of the modern supermarket to create the illusion that there's a lot more to peanut butter than simply grinding fresh peanuts. We think too often that making healthy, fresh food is far more complicated than it actually is.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Jars will do right by farmers

By creating a maker kitchen where you make your own food, Jars will be able to remove unnecessary middlemen from the system. More often than not, these middlemen take profit away from farmers and food producers.

With Jars, these margins will go back to the farmer.

Jars farmers

Easy access from your phone

Access to a local Jars store comes through your mobile phone. With the Jars app—available on iOS, Android, and Web—you choose your membership type, schedule the times you want to come into the store, and browse different recipes.

It's that simple.

Jars mobile app

Who are we?

We are Andrei Herasimchuk and Arjan Haring. We've been great friends for over 15 years.

We’ve designed and built products for some of the largest tech companies in the world. Andrei has designed products for Adobe, Twitter, Figma, and Yahoo! While Arjan has earned his spurs as a technology entrepreneur, along with setting up conferences like TEDxUtrecht.

There's been this question that has occupied our brains for over a year now.

“Why do we make so little of our own food?”

We believe the answer to that question is Jars.

With Jars, we want to make the food system more healthy and sustainable again. We want to help reconnect people to their food. We want to help farmers provide local ingredients to their communities. And we believe all of this can be done for less than the supermarket!

Andrei lived for more than twenty years in Silicon Valley, where he enjoyed great farmers markets and a food culture that focused on local sourcing. Arjan is not only very much in love with his Estonian wife Liina, but also in love with Estonia's make-it-yourself food culture, where he has been visiting for more than a decade.

Want to help?

We’ve set up a fund raising campaign on CrowdAboutNow, a platform for entrepreneurs who want to grow and continue independently. All of the details on how you can help us make Jars a reality can be fond here:


You can also help us by spreading the word by sharing this website with friends.